Email System Maintanence

Dear Customer,

Recently, CommuniLink discovered that hackers are hacking clients' email passwords and we noticed that a number of clients are using simple passwords, such as all numbers or username as password, in turn, the passwords are easily guessed by hackers to use these email accounts for abused activities.

To protect your valuable assets, CommuniLink has strengthened the password criteria. Under the new password rules, a password must be set in at least 6 characters with a combination of:

at least one (1) letter (a-z case sensitive), and
at least one (1) number (0-9), and
at least one (1) symbol (only *!@ are allowed).

The new settings will only apply on new email accounts or resetting the password of an existing email account; existing email accounts passwords are exempted. If you are using some simple, easy guessed passwords, we strongly suggest you log in to Email Manager and change your passwords to protect your email accounts.

Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

Support Department
CommuniLink Internet Limited

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