New policy of Chinese Domain Name Registration

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), an organization which manages .cn domain registration, recently announced a series of new policy implementation. In order to facilitate the healthy development of China's Internet, CNNIC will regulate the improper and disqualified information associated with the Chinese Domain Name Registration.

New domain name registration:
With effective from 14th December 2009, CNNIC has implemented new enhancement of auditing .cn domain name registration information in order to further enhance the authenticity, accuracy, and integrality of the domain name registration information. From now on, .cn domain registration can only be registered by organization/company. Individual registrations are no longer possible.

All new domain name registration applicants have to provide the followings::

  1. Application form with applicant authorized person signature and company stamp.
  2. Company Business License/Certificate (photocopy); and
  3. Registrant contact person identity card (photocopy)

During the auditing period, the status of the domain name to be applied will be UN-PASS, and cannot be resolved (i.e. no name server will be provided). If the supporting documents are not qualified; the .cn domain name to be applied will be deleted.

The above information comes from CNNIC. All relevant information refers to the latest news announced by CNNIC.

Registered Domain Name:
CNNIC announced that they will reserve the right to audit all the .cn domains which were registered before 14th December, 2009. They will request the current registrant, despite commercial or individual, to provide relevant documents for verification.

If the authenticity, accuracy, and integrality of the domain name registration information are not qualified. The .cn domain name will be deleted if the information remains unqualified after the given due date.

CommuniLink provides .cn domain name registration service. If CNNIC requests applicants submit any additional documents, we will act as a medium to submit the information, provided by customers, to CNNIC. Customers have the responsibility to ensure all the information is correct and complete. All the audition is China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)’s internal procedure; CommuniLink would not guarantee any success of application. If the application failed, the paid amount (including the registration fee, renewal fee and handling fee) will not be refunded.

For further details of .cn domain registration and the policy of website content for .cn domain, please refer to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) website:

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