Want to increase the Security
and enhance the Confidence
of your customer for your Online Shop?

Join CommuniLink's Unique IP Address SSL Certificate Service!
Only HK$100/Month (Original Price HK$1,730/Year)
  • Increase the confidence of the authenticity and legitimacy for the Online Shop;

  • Authorize user and server to ensure the information send to correct client and server;

  • Encrypt data to avoid being stole;

  • Protect the integrity of data to ensure it would not be changed during transmission.

What is SSL Certificate?
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is cryptographic protocols designed to provide communication security over the Internet. It can protect your personal information (such as credit numbers, account numbers, and passwords) would not leak out. Most explorers are built with SSL, such as Firefox and IE, which is applicable.

When your customers shop on your Online Shop, there will be a message notify them that they will be transferred to a safe server and the address bar will change from "http" to "https" (s means safe). This means they are using SSL; the Online Shop and the explorer are agreed to communicate through SSL. Your customers will feel safe to provide their credit card information and trust it won't be stole.

- This promotion is only applicable to CLink Online Shop service which is its value added service.
- 12 Months prepayment is required.
- This service is only avaliable for CLink Online Shop Desktop version.
- This promotion offer cannot be used in conjunction with plan discounts, reselling discounts or other special offers.