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Domain Redirect
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This service will redirect the visitor to a specified URL when browse your website http://www.Your Domain.com. It save money to join web hosting service.
  • Domain Registration or Modification
  • Point or Redirect to specified URL or IP Address
  • Web Based Redirect Manager :
    Update your ideal designated URL for redirection at anytime on the Internet
  • 14 days free period
  • Same Day Account Setup
  • 24-hour Technical Support

When browsing your website http://yourdomain.com
Website redirected to your ideal designated URL automatically
Only http://yourdomain.com will be shown on the address bar

Pricing Structure
  • Monthly Fee: HK$25
  • Setup Fee: HK$150
  • 12 Months Advance Payment Required.
  • Domain fee not included

Communilink Internet Limited

is a licensed Internet service provider (SBO license:1218) in Hong Kong. We provide professional and extensive service, including web hosting, enterprise e-mail service, dedicated server out-renting, web design, programming, online shop service, fax to email service etc. r
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