With Global SMTP of CommuniLink, it is required only 1 minute for setting specific port with SSL encryption. Users can then send emails worldwide smoothly from any computer or smart phone anytime anywhere.
Global SMTP
Service includes:
  • Provide multiple port SMTP service (Port 25, 465, 587, 2620), which enables users to send emails from any computer or mobile device.
  • All outgoing emails will be encrypted by SSL or TLS , to enhance the security of mail exchange.
Pricing Structure
  • Base Monthly Fee: HK$50
  • Setup Fee: HK$150
Remark: The service period has to be matched with the service expiry date of the hosting / email service.

Can’t send email! How does Global SMTP help?

Most Internet Server providers (ISP) want to prevent email abuse and users occupy too many resources, they block their users from using SMTP-Port 25 of other email service provider. Yet, the internet and email service provider for many companies may not be the same and these companies normally choose to use the SMTP provided by the email service provider. In the case, they will not be able to send email.


CommuniLink is considerate of customers’needs. We provide a Port 2620 SMTP service in 2002. By setting specific port, customers will be able to send emails smoothly from any computer or mobile device.

By using Global SMTP with specific port - customers will be able to send emails smoothly no matter which internet server provider they are using.
I always send email through mobile or tablet, are the settings hard?
Mobile device, such as smart phone, tablet or notebook, with internet facility is now very common in Hong Kong. As it is “mobile”, we may be using different internet service providers (ISPs) when we are at different places. For example, you are using ISP A in office, ISP B in coffee shop and ISP C at home. In this case, no matter you are using wifi or not, you are actually using different ISPs. Hence, you have to set different SMTP servers from place to place. However, please imagine if you have to send emails at these 3 places everyday, how trouble and time-consuming you will find as you have to switch to different SMTP servers each time!
CommuniLink enables users to get rid of these troubles. With Global SMTP, just 1 simple setting, no matter you are on vacation or business trip, you can send emails worldwide smoothly with no worries.
With Global SMTP - you no longer have to change to different SMTPs because of different internet service providers. It is so convenient for email users with mobile devices!
Is there any secured solution for confidential business email?

If the outgoing email is not encrypted through wifi, it is possible to be stolen or disclosed. Especially business email usually contains confidential information; it is valuable and may result in higher risk of being stolen by others. Hence, users should wisely select a reliable service provider and encryption is always necessary.


CommunLink Global SMTP does not only provide multiple port options, it also enables SSL encryption (SSL-Secure Sockets Layer), which is the main protocol for encrypting information over the Internet. SSL encrypts email before sent and decrypts when the email is sent to the receiver’s mail server. If someone obtains the email during transmission, he/she can only see garbled characters but not the real content.

By using Global SMTP with SSL encryption - no matter you are on vacation or business trip, you would be able to send secured emails worldwide with no worries.