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Maintenance Service
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Server Maintenance Service
  • Check and maintain the sever which include equipment check, log check, log document exchange, clear temporary data of the system, etc.
Update Operation System
  • Unix /Linux Platform
    (proftpd / perl / mysql / apache / php / qmail / clamav / vpopmail / phpmyadmin)

  • Windows Platform
    (IIS / additional asp Manual)
HK$500 up/Each
Software Installation
  • Unix /Linux Platform
    (tomcat / samba / additional php Manual)

  • Windows Platform
    (perl / mysql / apache / php / vpn / SMTP)
Non-Standard Software Installation
  • Must be legal and genuine software, Communlink will help for install and customer needs to test after it.
Depends on the kind of Software
Application Configuration
  • Web Server Configuration
  • FTP Configuration
  • Database Configuration
  • Email Server Configuration
HK$500 up/Each
Urgent Respond Service
  • Reboot Server
Other Settings
(Only Unix)
  • Real Time Email Virus Solution (Per Domain)
  • Web Site Virus Scan Solution (Per Domain)
  • Catch SMTP (Per domain)
  • Basic Anti Spam Service (Per Domain)
  • Extra FTP Account (Per Domain)
  • Global SMTP (Per Domain)

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