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Catch SMTP
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Catch SMTP service helps firms to monitor users' outgoing emails. Using this email server's feature, all outgoing emails will undergo a virus scan and a copy will be saved in the designated mailbox to facilitate checking and monitoring; users do not have to change any email setting.

Why do I choose CommuniLink's Catch SMTP service?
Catches outgoing emails at any time Performs email virus scan
Auto replicates copies to the designated mailbox No account setting required
Catch SMTP
Service includes:
  • Including "Global SMTP Service"
  • Copy all outgoing emails sent by '@yourdomain.com' to logs@yourdomain.com
Pricing Structure
  • Base Monthly Fee: HK$180
  • Setup Fee: HK$150

How can Catch SMTP service help firms
to better manage?
Email is an essential tool in today's business communication. Every outgoing email sent by employees represents the message and image of the company. The company management could help to review employees' progress and performance through email monitoring. CommuniLink has provided this service several years ago, and it has successfully assisted a great number of firms to control, sustain and improve their business operation and service quality.
Is the set-up complicated?
No special email setting is required on the client side or in the mail client. The email system will replicate each outgoing email and deliver it to the designated mailbox, allowing the client to read the outgoing emails conveniently.
Other than monitoring, is there any
other function?
No one can predict when a computer would crash, we shall always prepare for the worst. When a client downloads the outgoing emails to a designated computer, then even if an employee's computer collapses, the client would still have a copy of the emails. So it has the functionality of both monitoring and backing up.
What security protection do my emails have?
To protect clients from computer virus attacks, all emails that are sent through CommuniLink's servers are being filtered by the system; if a virus is detected, the system will quarantine the email and prohibit the delivery, hence effectively reduces the chances of virus spread.

How do CommuniLink's email monitoring servers works?

For further enquiries, please call our Customer Services at 2998 0808 or email enquiry@communilink.net

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