Christmas Special Offer-Anti-Spam Service

Christmas Special Offer-Anti-Spam Service

Nov 26, 2004

Dear Customer,

The unwanted junk emails is getting serious day by day, you could probably spend a lot of time on eliminating spam and junk mail from reaching your mailbox everyday. CommuniLink understands the annoying and introduces you a special offer in Christmas, Anti-Spam Service, which costs HK$25/month only and waived HK$150 setup fee in the promotion period. Not only saving your time on managing junk mail, but also protecting you from potentially damaging attachment and virus. Please take action now due to limited offer period!

Anti-spam service runs on domain basis. If you join this service with your domain name, all mailbox of this domain will be entitled to using this service. With Anti-Spam Service, it is not necessary for you to install any software or set up in your computer, the spam mails will be filtered by CommunLink¡¦s servers automatically.

The spam rule in CommuniLink is accurate and it just takes a few seconds for processing. You will receive email without any delay. The process of Anti-Spam System is listed as follows:

CommuniLink's latest Anti-Spam System labels potential junk email with "[SPAM]" in front of its original subject. You can choose one of the following options to deal with the re-titled [SPAM] email:

1. Keep the re-titled [SPAM] email in your inbox.
2. Remove it to a defaulted mail folder called "Spam".
3. Remove it to a defaulted mail folder called "Spam" which is cleaned on every Sunday.
(Please note that the Spam folder available on option 2 and 3 can only be accessed by IMAP4 and Webmail, but not POP3.)

To learn more, please CLICK or call 2998 0808.

Remark :
- This offer cannot be used in conjunction with special discounts, reselling discounts or special offers.
- This offer is only applied for first 6-month Anti-Spam Service.
- CommuniLink Internet Limited reserves the right to make all final decisions if any dispute arises.
- It is valid until 31 December, 2004.

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