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FREE SSL Certificate Encryption, helps to enhance your website SEO rankings and retain visitor.
Google has announced that started from January 2017, websites which are not running under SSL encryption, users engaging in web activities via Google Chrome browser like password transmissions, credit card transactions etc, will be defined as "dangerous". When Chrome users visit such sites, a "danger" warning message will be alerted to remind users the information they have input maybe hacked. Besides Google services, Apple has also requested iOS APP developers to adopt "HTTPS" before Year 2017.
Therefore, starting from Year 2017, iOS browser can only visit those HTTPS webpages.

In addition, SSL does not only make the website becomes more secure, it also helps to enhance the SEO rankings. Google had enhanced the SEO ranking of HTTPS website in 2014, and set HTTPS website to have higher priority in search result since December 2015. Now, more than half of the Chrome's web traffics came from HTTPS websites. With more and more websites are switching to HTTPS, HTTP will fade out very soon.

As a matter of facts, from now on, we will FREE Own Rapid SSL Certificate for new customer who joins CommuniLink's specific Cloud Hosting plan (Original Price HK$380/Year). Limited offer, action now!
* This offer is only applicable for new customer who subscribes Cloud Hosting Package with 12-month or above prepayment.
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