CommuniLink offers you FREE Whois Privacy Protection Service

No matter which domain registrar you used for domain registration, your submitted personal information will be disclosed in WHOIS database and everyone can search freely on the Internet. Spammers or hackers can always obtain your information to send fraud email, or even hack your domain name that will cause serious nuisance and loss.

CommuniLink understand the importance of privacy protection, we are pleased to offer FREE "Whois Privacy Protection Service" (Original Price: HK$150/year). As long as your domain name is registered via CommuniLink, you are able to enjoy this free service without any further registration.
Free for both New and Old Customer*
If your domain name is not registered via CommuniLink, you can choose to transfer your domain to us and enjoy this free service. For inquiries about transfer domain registrar, please contact our customer service officer at (852) 2998-0808 or email to [email protected].
Remarks :
  • * This service is only applicable to .com and .net domain name.
  • Service due date for Free Whois Privacy Protection Service is same as domain name due date. Renewal invoice will be sent to contact email address 2 months before the domain name due date.
  • If Customers do not wish to participate in this service, please notify our customer service officer within two weeks upon receipt of this letter.
  • CommuniLink Internet Limited reserves the right to make all final decisions if any dispute arises.
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