Total Upgrade - Bigger Space & Bigger Bandwidth

The hunger for knowledge, the fast development of technology and the convenience of network, all making people rely on learning more information from the Internet; thus, information of a website is particularly important. For example, people do research online before they shop. A website with more information and user-friendly design is more popular; thus, the needs of web space and bandwidth are bigger. Meanwhile, bigger email space is also needed for ever-increasing demand.

CommuniLink understand the needs of our customers for web- and email- space. After having a detailed marketing research, we now introduce you the New Cloud Hosting service in which web space, email space and bandwidth are enlarged to meet our customers' needs closely.

With utilizing advanced technique, Cloud Service runs on a shared structure platform with a large number of server groups. It supports unlimited expansion which can cooperate with massive, advanced equipments that add in the future. In flexibility, stability and security, cloud service is better than traditional hosting.
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