Offline Backup Email, No Worries!

CommuniLink introduces you the latest product of our company - Offline Backup Email Service. It is the best product can help you protect your valued emails. The system will backup all accounts’ incoming emails to an offline hardware (e.g. DVD or hard disk), and then CommuniLink will regularly send you the backup offline hardware for your safekeeping and use.
From Now On, any newly application of Offline Email Backup Service could enjoy the following special offer:

No More Missing Emails
CommuniLink backup all incoming email 24/7. Customers can join Catch SMTP service to backup outgoing email which enhances the security.
Offline Backup, No Worries
Backup emails are stored in an individual DVD or hard disk; thus, it won’t affected by any breakdown of computer or computer virus. It is the last line of defense to protect enterprise’s property.
Backup Data to Your Door
All backup DVD and hard disk will be delivered to customers’ workplace directly via courier.
Password Secured, Relief Your Mind
All backup documents are securely protected with password which can avoid data loss during the process of sending disc or hard disk.

  • Customer must using CommuniLink’s Email Service at the same time and Minimum 12-month payment period is required.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with special discounts, reselling discounts or other special offers.
  • CommuniLink Internet Limited reserves the right to make all final decisions if any dispute arises.
  • Offer Valid until 30 Oct 2012.
For more details, it is welcomed to contact our customer service representative at (852) 2998-0808 or via email to [email protected].
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