Brand New Online Payment Platform - PAYVISION. It's now available in CommuniLink's online shop.

CommuniLink has invented an online shop system for customers that want to run their business online. As online shopping becomes more common, CommuniLink knows accessibility is one of the important factors of it to you and your customers. Therefore, CommuniLink struggle on enhancing the accessibility of online payment platforms for CLink Online Shop customers while we keep developing our system, in order to assist customers to develop their business more efficiently.

Traditionally, shoppers have to go to bank in person to deposit money and then take a photo or scan the receipt in order to email or fax to you which takes times. Shoppers may give up buying products online because of the process and you may lose valued customers. Thus, we know the importance of online payment platforms both to you and your customers. After established an online payment system, your customers can shop and pay online easily and securely. Therefore, we cooperate with Payvision to provide more online payment platforms for CLink Online Shop customers, IT’S UP NOW!
For more information of CommuniLink’s online shop service, please visit
For more information of CommuniLink’s online payment system, please visit

Founded in 2002, Payvision is headquartered in Amsterdam and has expanded its global services in over 40 countries.
Please visit for more information.
Payvision, independent payment solution provider specialized in global card processing for the e-commerce market, offers a secure, PCI Compliant, PSD Licensed, international payment processing platform, enhanced with innovative technology. Payvision provides its customers 24/7 Support, 150+ transaction currencies and regional card settlement currencies, a high-end reporting interface and a solid risk management solution.

For more details, it is welcomed to contact our customer service representative at
(852) 2998-0808 or via email to [email protected].

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