3rd Year To Be Caring Company

With your continuous support and approval, CommuniLink has been praised as Caring Company the third time. This is a great achievement to us.

Launched by Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), the Caring Company Scheme (the Scheme) aims at giving credit for corporate social responsibility followers so as to encourage co-operation between social welfare, industrial and commercial circles, and the most importantly to construct a cohesive society together.

All applicants have to be reviewed in terms of caring for the community, employees and environment under this Scheme. There are 17 criteria to evaluate applicants' performance. Only those who meet at least 2 criteria of each aspect respectively, will be listed as Caring Company as commendation.

CommuniLink makes every endeavor to support non-profit organizations by providing them professional web hosting service for free. ( Details is available at http://www.communilink.net/p156-en-charityorganization.html) In the future, we will continue to carry our mission Leading-edge Technology, Courteous Service through as not only focus on leading communication progression, we care about the whole society's health meanwhile.
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