CommuniLink Online Survey Summary in 2005

CommuniLink - Online Survey Summary in 2005

Apr 27, 2005

"Leading- edge Technology, courteous service" is our mission and promise for you. In January to April 2005, CommuniLink had conducted a customer online survey and received over 700 responses. Thank you for your vaulable comments and we strive to develop innovative services to better serve you. Here are the survey result summary and some of our customers' comments.

Survey Result Summary :

Are you satisfied with CommuniLink services in all its aspects ?

    Satisfied   Not satisfied
    Customer Service and Technical Support 92%   8%
    SecureBFast and Stable Service 90%   10%
    User Friendly Management Tools such as WCP 91%   9%
    Advanced Features 90%   10%
    Service Packages Fulfill & Customer's Needs 87%   13%

What is the possible reason(s) to recommend CommuniLink service to your friends ?

    First : Secure, Fast and Stable Service
    Second : Helpful and courteous service to clients
    Third : Quality service with reasonable rate

Customers' comments :

Overall we like the CommuniLink service and have recommended it to my clients. Your IT team is good, they have helped us a lot. Thanks! Wish CommuniLink all the best and success in 2005 and years ahead

Mr. Yau - LM Yau

Telephone customer service is important to me, that's why I choose communiLink....someone who can talk to you and guide you step by step to solve the problem is very important. Please hold on to the service and keep the good service.

Mr. Osbert Lam - Dynamic Production Ltd

Service response very fast, and very professional about the solving the network problem

Miss. Wong - Guo Ji Chemical Ltd.

The technical support is fast and good. The customer service can provide accurate recommendation to us. Continue upgrade and improve shows the commitment to provide good services

Mr. Germen Chung - Tai Wai Church

I totally think that your service is much more than other hosting company in terms of service, response, reliability and so on. I am happy about using your service.

Hitoshi Haraguchi

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