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Most Effective Online Mareting!!

Netizens all over the world search information through search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. Hence, you can increase the popularity of your website, to reach the world's online audience, by making good use of the search engines’ advertising programs. With CLink Online Shop, our professional search engine expert team of CommuniLink closely follows the online marketing service for you.

International Market
Google now is the most popular search engine with the largest scale in the world. It provides simple and user-friendly search engine service. Users are able to go back to the related search results.
Hong Kong Market
Yahoo! Online Marketing widely covers Hong Kong Network, which is able to reach more than 94% Hong Kong netizens. It has the most market share of Hong Kong internet account users.
China Market
Baidu search engine is the biggest Chinese search engine, which covers more than 99% Chinese netizens. It is the most valuable platform for China Market promotion.
CommuniLink Search Engine Advertising Service
Most Effective Way of Promotion
Yahoo! and Google are the most popular search engines in Hong Kong. More than 90% Hong Kong netizens select them as the main searching method, and many of them even set them as the homepage of their browsers. To promote through well-known platforms is your right choice. Reach the world's Online Audience through the most effective advertising media.
Most Efficient Market Monitoring
With our specialists closely follow up, we monitor the market trend for you everyday with the budget you provided. Greatly save the management time on promotion.And hence, increase the efficiency of your company.
Professional marketing analysis and Promotional Strategy Optimization
CommuniLink search engine teams are formed by experienced specialists. We provide professional marketing analysis, to optimize your promotional strategy, in order to select the right keywords, to increase the click rate and the exposure of your website.
Monthly Report on the Rate of Clicks with Remarkable Outcomes
Customer shall obtain a monthly report by email for the keywords exposure rate and click rate. With our specialists’ advise, we assist you understand the effectiveness of the online marketing and strive for targeted sales strategy.

CommuniLink All Round Supporting Courses

Chapter 1 Why online business?
There are more than 2billion netizens worldwide. The time they spend on internet is over 40% of the time they spend on media daily. According to the statistics, the average sales through online shopping in 2010 is over USD$12,820
Chapter 2 The most popular products
The most popular products online are books, clothing, movies/games, air-tickets and electronic products; others also include home accessories, cosmetics, food and healthy products…
Chapter 3 Successfully Case

Manage online business strategy,Customers all over the world
Chapter 4 Advantages of Eshop?
Chapter 5 Online Shop VS E-commerce Platform
CLink Eshop
Common Bidding Website
Chapter 6 Road to Successful Online Business
Chapter 7 Budgeted Marketing Strategy
Promote your online shop through advertising in different well-known search engines. The rank of the website in any search engine depends on its content, popularity etc, which is calculated by the system.
Chapter 8 Free Marketing Strategy
  • Search Optimization
  • Forum Post
  • Blog Update
  • Online Group
Chapter 9 E-commerce Strategy
Analyze for you based on different E-commerce platform of different markets, your online shop type, logistics and rules, so that you can select the most appropriate
e-commerce platform.
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