In recent years, export trade companies are facing huge challenges from both internal and external pressure, and they are finding new ways to save their cost and expenditure.

In order to help our customers to expand their business and save the running cost, CommuniLink has developed the E-trading system to meet your needs. The upgraded version of E-trading System provides you a 24 hours online interface to update and show your product online. E-trading system helps you contact with your customers and service partners any time all over the world. You are most welcomed to try our flexible and multi-functional program with user-friendly interface.


  • Update your products'photo and information without any restriction of time and space.

  • Online interface for your customers and service partners to get your latest product information anytime.

  • Let your potential customers to reach you via various search engines.

  • Setup online payment gateways for selling your sample products.

  • Enable you to send large size emails.

  • Web interface for users, no installation of software is required.

  • Newsletter system to notify your customers and service partners for your latest news.

  • With our perfect member management system, appointed products could be set for members only.

  • Support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

  • Professional image with independent domain.

  • Expand your business with only a small amount monthly fee.

  • Training course for customers to learn the use of program.


  • Support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English

  • Website Content Management System
    - Add, modify or delete the
       website contents
    - Upload pictures into website
  • Product Management
    - Add, modify or delete the
       products or pictures
    - Product Category
    - Showing your products in
       different ways by several

  • Announcement of Company’s Latest News and Information
    - Add, modify or delete the
       latest news and photos

  • Online Enquiry Form
    - Visitors could send online
       enquiries to get more
    - Customized auto-reply
       Email and message contents

  • Membership Management System
    - Online registration form
    - Add, delete or modify
       member information

You are most welcomed to enjoy our demo to try our flexible and multi-functional program with user-friendly interface.
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Function Details

Service Package

E-trading service

E-trading System

Upload Product

50 Products


Email Service

Number of POP3 Accounts: 5
Shared Email Space:1GB

Number of POP3 Accounts: 20
Shared Email Space: 5GB

Web Hosting

1GB Web Space
MySQL Database (200MB)

5GB Web Space
MySQL Database (200MB)


15GB 30GB
Payment Monthly Fee Monthly Fee


Original Price: HK$318
Special Fee: HK$248

Original Price: HK$388
Special Fee: HK$318


Original Price: HK$318
Special Fee: HK$202

Original Price: HK$388
Special Fee: HK$268

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Value-added Functions
The customers of E-trading System could choose to install the following additional value-added :
Functions: Monthly Fee

Special Offers:
Customers could enjoy nine designated * value-added functions, only pay HK $ 100 for monthly fee.

Multi-currency and Currency Listing*

Customer may choose their preferred currency to calculate the balance while shopping.

Watermark *
Every product pictures would be covered by a custom watermark so as to protect the privacy of product pictures.
Advanced Product Search *
Customer may search products by inserting keywords, category, price and type
Product Review*
Visitor and members can eave their comments here for the products, at the same time they can review others'comments.
Price & quantity listing*
This function helps to increase the efficiency for frequent update of product price and quantity.
Statistic Table*
Showing the statistics of the Most Active member, the Liberal Member, the Most Active product and the Best Sale product.
Data Importer*
Insert product details and member info by uploading CSV file. (Support Traditional Chinese and English; Data Exporter function activated is required.)
Data Exporter*
Transform the data to CSV file for download, including product details, member info, delivery details, order details and payment details.
Translator *
Administrator simply inserts Traditional Chinese while adding a new product; the system will translate the words into Simplified Chinese.
Online Payment Gateway
User Friendly online ordering system, it provides a smooth shopping process and clearly instructions for customers from browsing products to process the payment.

Support Multi Payment Gateway Systems#
Our program already connected to the following payment gateway systems. You may choose a payment gateway company according to your target customers and needs. After successfully applied a payment gateway account, administrator may activate the payment gateway through the control panel. Customers could follow the payment instruction of selected payment gateway after ordering. Most payment gateways also support the VISA and MASTER cards, you could also refer to the following information:

Payment Gateway

Payment Methods


Visa, Master , AE

Paydollar / Asiapay

Visa, Master ;
(Extra F ee for AE , JCB , Diners)

Payment Asia

Visa, Master


Visa, Master

PPS from Epaylink

PPS Account


For Appointed Chinese Bank Account


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Dinners, JCB


Visa, Master


Visa, Master

IPS VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and American Express Card
Payvision Visa, Master Card

  1. Available for Unix platform users only.
  2. Tailor-made layout setting is not included in this package. You are welcomed to discuss with our customer service representatives at (852) 2998-0808.
  3. Email function included: Autoresponders, Mail Forwarders, EZMLM Mailing List:, own SMTP server and POP3 server, Multi-Language Webmail, IMAP4 server, Real-Time Email Virus Scan, Double-layered Antispam & Antivirus, Custom Incoming Email Backup or forward.
  4. Website Authoring included: WCP5 , PHP5 , Python, CGI/Perl/C/C++,Server Side Includes,Shell Script,Real Video/Audio (rm, avi), WAP/WML/XML Windows Media Service (asf, wmv)
  5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with special discounts, reselling discounts or special offers.
  6. CommuniLink Internet Limited reserves the right to make all final decisions if any dispute arises.