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Premium Email
All in One Email Service Plans.To meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, the minimum email accounts are two which are lower entry but with great functions.
Cloud Email
With utilizing advanced technique, Cloud Email Service runs on a shared structure platform with a large number of server groups. It supports unlimited expansion which can cooperate with massive, advanced equipments that add in the future.
Email Server
CommuniLink always stays close to the market trends and your needs. To serve you better, CommuniLink provides you the most cost-effective programme for our valued customers to create your own e-mail system.
Spam Controller
Analyze the emails per day and record the characteristics in order to improve its blocking system! You have no longer to worry about the slippery spammers could escape from the anti-spam systems!
Global SMTP
Global SMTP Service with multi-function resolves different outgoing email problems. Users can send emails worldwide from any computer or smartphone anytime anywhere. To ensure the security of emails, all mail traffic will be encrypted. Users do not have to worry about any disclose of email content.
Smart Email System
Use the technology of compression and connection, directly connecting with China Netcom and China Telecom in order to solve the intranet instability problem within China
Catch SMTP
Catch SMTP service can be used to monitor your users' outgoing email.
It will "catch" your users' outgoing email and deliver to a specify mailbox for your reference. You will have a copy of their outgoing email without asking them to make any changes on their mail account.
Offline Email Backup
Offline Email Backup Service is the best product can help you protect your valued emails. The system will backup all accounts’ incoming emails to an offline hardware (e.g. DVD or hard disk), and then CommuniLink will regularly send you the backup offline hardware for your safekeeping and use.
Secondary MX Record
Cloud Email Backup Service, our cloud backup platform will automatically store your all incoming emails temporarily by switching DNS when your email server is breakdown or unable to connect.

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