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3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 24 Month
Entry --- --- --- HK$100
Popular --- --- HK$100 HK$200
Business --- HK$100 HK$200 HK$300
Deluxe --- HK$150 HK$250 HK$350
Hyper --- HK$200 HK$300 HK$500
Supreme HK$100 HK$300 HK$600 HK$1,100
Vantage HK$200 HK$500 HK$950 HK$1,700
Ultimate HK$300 HK$750 HK$1,450 HK$2,650
Infinity HK$600 HK$1,300 HK$2,500 HK$4,500

12 Month 24 Month
Bronze HK$100 HK$150
Silver HK$150 HK$200
Gold HK$200 HK$300
Platinum HK$250 HK$350
Diamond HK$300 HK$500

12 Month 24 Month
Value HK$100 HK$150
Basic HK$100 HK$150
Foundation HK$150 HK$200

6 Month 12 Month 24 Month
SSD20E HK$100 HK$200 HK$300
SSD35E HK$150 HK$250 HK$400
SSD50E HK$200 HK$300 HK$500
SSD100E HK$300 HK$600 HK$1,100
SSD200E HK$400 HK$800 HK$1,500
SSD500E HK$700 HK$1,400 HK$2,600

6 Month 12 Month
VE HK$100 HK$200
VF HK$100 HK$200
VB HK$150 HK$250
VS HK$200 HK$300
VA HK$300 HK$500

12 Month 24 Month
Entry HK$300 HK$500
Basic HK$400 HK$600
Advanced HK$600 HK$800
Flagship HK$650 HK$850

  • * Depending on the service plan your friend joined.
  • Please fill in the referral's unique code when you place the online order.
  • For CommuniLink's existing customers only.
  • New Referred Customers should have never joined CommuniLink's service before.
  • The reward will be available 30 days after the referred account activated.
  • "Referral Program" is eligible for our designated service packages only. It is ineligible for other services or tailor-made plans.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with special discounts, reselling discounts or other special offers.
  • If you are not our existing customer and would like to work out a different referral agreement with us, such as you are going to referring dozens of sites every month, please contact our customer service hotline.
  • Redemption of Rewards