Below is a summary of CommuniLink's cancellation policy for hosting accounts. For complete details, please see the Agreement. This information is provided solely as a guide to our cancellation policy, and in the event of discrepancies, the information in the Agreement prevails.

1.0 Account Cancellation

1.1 During First 30 Days
For virtual server accounts on monthly or quarterly payment plans, CommuniLink will accept cancellation of these accounts at anytime within the first 30 days, beginning on the date the account set-up e-mail is sent. Qualifying accounts should follow the procedures outlined in section 2.0.

1.2 All other Cancellations
CommuniLink will accept an account cancellation for any virtual server account provided it is submitted at least eight (8) days before the beginning of the next billing term. Accounts cancelled with less than eight (8) days advance notice will recur for an additional term before being cancelled. All prepaid service charge is non-refundable if termination is validated before end of the billing term.

2.0 Procedures

2.1 Virtual Authorization
The easiest and most common method of submitting an account cancellation is by doing so through the Clients' Area. Because this method requires authorization with username and password, this is the preferred method of cancellation.

2.2 Postal Mail/Facsimile
CommuniLink will also accept account cancellations in writing which are submitted via facsimile or received via postal mail. For security reasons, the following information must be included with a cancellation submitted in this manner:
- Customer ID
- Account ID
- Current account password
- Reason for cancellation
- Signature of client
If any of the above information is absent, the cancellation can not be accepted.

2.3 No Other Methods Accepted
To protect our clients from unauthorized account cancellations, no other means of cancellation will be accepted by CommuniLink. Under no circumstances will CommuniLink accept an account cancellation over the telephone.

3.0 Result of Cancellation

3.1 End of Term Requests
For account cancellation requests indicating the account is to be cancelled at the end of the term, the client shall retain full rights to the account until the current billing term is concluded. On the first day following the expired term, the account shall be terminated. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all data and e-mail is downloaded prior to such time, as once the account is cancelled it can not be reopened without renewing for an additional term.

3.2 Immediate Requests
Clients who choose to have their account cancelled immediately will lose access to all data and e-mail as soon as the virtual authorization is received or on the day the facsimile / postal mail / email cancellation request is received. All prepaid service charge is non-refundable if termination is validated before end of the billing term. It is essential that the client have downloaded all e-mail and data prior to such request, as once the request is processed, the account can only be reopened by renewing the account for an additional term.