Server and WCP Updates

Server and WCP Updates

February 11, 2000

1. System update

We upgrade many software on all web servers, including Apache, mod_SSL, PHP etc last weekend. The new version of Apache has a big improvement on the security of FP extension. all FP extensions installed in your webspace can't be group and world writeable. If you encounter and problem when using FP Extensions please send email to

2. New server features

All customers may access the Python scripting language. The path to Python is /usr/bin/python . Just make sure to name your python scripts with the .cgi extension and upload to cgi-bin directory. for more info about Python please visit their official web site

3. WCP update

Our WCP Team added a number of new features to WCP:

a. Error Log Viewer
Error log analysis. useful for debug your scripts

b. Subdomain Manager
Use to add your subdomains.

c. mySQL Admin
Through our web-interface, you can create/delete/edit mySQL databases, table and entries. Your database is not setup by default. If you wish to enable your mySQL database please email

d. File Manager
Manage your web files on the web

e. Error Pages setup tools
you can now setup your own 401, 403, 404 and 500 error pages

f. Script Installer
With this new develop tools you can automatically install most popular CGI/PHP scripts on your website with a few directions and the clicking of a few buttons. This first item for test is a graphic counter. more and more installable script is coming soon

Your WCP URL should be:

4. new web site launched

We launch a new web site for our WCP team to develop and test the new features of WCP. if you wish to try the new features before it add to your WCP visit this web site. usually a tested and passed feature will be the users' WCP within a week.

Best Regards,

CommuniLink Internet Limited

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