CommuniLink sincerely presents CLink CMS V1.0. We provide numerous template options, which will highly reduce the time required for web design. Customers will be even able to modify the web content or upload images anytime through the management system provided. Hence, they can customize their own website easily and efficiently. It absolutely fits the needs of the customers who require high efficiency in the fast-paced society.

Add New Page

Click “Add Page” from the management system and create a new web page simply by inputting the web page name. Create unlimited web pages easily.

Web Content Editor

Edit the web content, font, format easily through the web content editor. Besides, users can even upload photos or linkages there.

Sub - page Setting

Access “Site Map” to view the web page structure and re-arrange any page position

File Manager

Users can upload files, photos or video through the file manager, to be ready for the website development. No software installation is required.

Slide Show

Select some pictures and set the duration to display pictures with slide effect, easily enable animated effect.

Enquiry Form

Each field in the enquiry form can be customized, to obtain different information (such as text, tick box or drop down menu) accordingly to different needs. Moreover, users can assign the email address to receive the information collected from the enquiry form.

Upload Document

Upload document via File Manager (eg. Doc, pdf ) for visitors to download. Users can also set password protection. Visitors have to input password in order to download the document.

Custom Banner
Ad Banner, Photos or Album

Users can insert images with slide effect or in album format simply by selecting the suitable images from the control panel, which will absolutely increase the attractiveness of the website.

Insert of
Google Map

Simply input the address (Street and Street Number), Google map with tag on the location will be shown correspondently.

Insert of
YouTube Video / Video

Simply input the linkage (URL) of Youtube Video, visitors can play the video shown on the website anytime. Or users can upload video on their own (support flv, wmv).

Multiple Upload

Make use of the “Multiple Upload” function to upload a batch of files.

File Set

Upload files with “File Set” function in order to group them into different folders (sets) for more efficient file management.