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With utilizing advanced technique, Cloud Email Service runs on a shared structure platform with a large number of server groups. It supports unlimited expansion which can cooperate with massive, advanced equipments that add in the future.

Why choose CommuniLink's Cloud Email Service?

High-speed and stable connectivity are the basic requirements for email users as email is the main communication tool between them. Regardless of the cost, CommuniLink invested millions of dollars in Cloud Email service to ensure that our valued customers' needs are fulfilled. CommuniLink’s servers locate in three top data centers, HKIX, CHL, and CNC. CommuniLink is the first web hosting company which owns a dedicated local bandwidth of fiber optics network straight into HKIX. CommuniLink owns two exclusive fiber optics networks over 2000MB bandwidth; as a result our customers are privileged to have connectivity protection and stable online market network. On the other hand, exclusive bandwidth of fiber optics networks are expensive; therefore, low-capacity web hosting companies might share data center’s oversea bandwidth of fiber optics networks which may cause disturbance of users’ email during rush hour. In addition, they do not have the authority to manage optics networks, in the other words, they are controlled by data center; as a result, they could not give users a guaranteed stable connectivity.

Advantage of Cloud Email

Safe and Trustful Cloud Platform

In tradition, several website accounts are put in a server to provide email service which storage and computing equipment of different servers are working on their own but not cooperating with each other. As a result, transitional service lack of flexibility when the servers needed to be change.

With utilizing advanced technique, Cloud Email Service runs on a shared structure platform with a large number of server groups. It supports unlimited expansion which can cooperate with massive, advanced equipments that add in the future. The servers of Cloud Email are those have highest quality, providing 7/24 on line service for your email service in accord with premium Cloud Email technique and our professional technicians’ monitor. CommuniLink’s engineers group manages all safety system, include planning, deploying, maintaining, and enhancing integration technique, in order to provide high efficiency, high stability, high safety service.

Increase customer confidence to your company

Make the best use of domain email address can increase customer confidence to your company. A consistent image can make customer rest assured purchasing or selecting your products to increase the sales amount.

Mobile Email for Smart Phone

Provide IMAP which let customers can send and receive email anytime and anywhere. IOS Setting / ANDROID Setting

Email Defence

In order to protect your email account from any computer virus attacking, CommuniLink will filter out virus of all incoming and outgoing messages. When the email is detected with virus, it cannot be sent into the email server. Therefore your email will not be infected by virus.

Assets Protection

Email becomes the first option people choose to communicate with each other. It is one of the most important assets of a company. The Email content involves lots of conversation, business strategies and decisions.If you want to leave a wonderful impression to your customers you must need a standing out Email domain.

Build up a professional image

Email is one of the important communication bridges between companies and customers. Because the turnaround time can be so fast so if you unable to keep pace with the times, you will not be able to give your customers a good impression. Therefore, the Email Domain can help you to establish a professional image. Which one do you think that a better image: sales@communilink.net or sales. communilink@yahoo.com.hk? communilink@yahoo.com.hk? Of course, it is the first one. Make the best use of the Email Domain can leave a good impression to your customers. Free email addresses are often long and confusing. They also include impersonal domains, like @Hotmail and @Yahoo. Now Get an Email Domain Service and you can have YourName@YourDomain.com. Remember, your domain name is your online brand.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact us at (852) 2998 0808 or email to enquiry@communilink.net.


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