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The 15th Anniversary
ComuniLink have been founded for 15 years. We keeps introduce new services and increase different spaces of our services to meet the requirements of our customers. We have different offers to celebrate our upcoming 16th anniversary, such as free one year Smart SSL VPN service. CommuniLink also held a company trip – Hua Hin, Thailand to celebrate our 15th anniversary and rewarded our hardworking colleagues. We will keep providing high quality service to response our customers’ support.

Praised by HKCSS as Caring Company
It is CommuniLink's honor as it is the 2nd consecutive year to be praised by Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) as Caring Company to commend our continuous excellent performance on being a responsible company. Thoughtout the years, CommuniLink keep sponsoring different non-profit organizations by providing them free web hosting service. In addition, we encourage our staffs participate at activates of public welfare.

Total Upgrade - Bigger Space For Cloud Hosting Service
The hunger for knowledge, the fast development of technology and the convenience of network, all making people rely on learning more information from the Internet; thus, information of a website is particularly important. A website with more information and user-friendly design is more popular; thus, the needs of web space and bandwidth are bigger. CommuniLink understand the needs of our customers for web- and email- space. Therefore, we present the New Cloud Hosting service in which web space, email space and bandwidth are enlarged to meet our customers' needs closely.

Total Upgrade – Virtual Private Server My VPS Service
CommuniLink understand the needs of our customers for virtual server's spaces. After having a detailed marketing research, we present the New Virtual Private Server (VPS) service in which storage, bandwidth and dedicated memory (RAM) are enlarged to meet our customers' needs closely. VPS has not only the same flexibility and security as high as dedicated server does, but also great decline in its rental fee compared with the dedicated server. With budget VPS, customers can have their own independent website environment to freely develop any multi-functional website.

Total Upgrade – Bigger Space For Cloud Email Service
Email is one of the important communication tools in information age. Having domain email will enhance the communication between you and your customers and partners. Meanwhile, bigger email space is also needed for ever-increasing demand. CommuniLink understand the needs of our customers for email space. Therefore, we present the New Cloud Email service in which email space is enlarged to meet our customers' needs closely.

One-Stop Online Shop Service – Support Mobile Version
CommuniLink understand there are lots of issues needed to be handled for operate an online shop; therefore, we present a one-stop online shop service. We will help for register domain, web design, program management, online promotion, and setup payment gateway. We have developed the online shop for ten years. AND it supports mobile version which is more considerate of users’ needs.

Whole New SSD Hosting Service
CommuniLink understand the importance of the speed of the website to customers, so we present a whole new SSD hosting service. It is stable and speed-optimized response time and random read/write speed. You can seize every business opportunity at ease. In additions, we will help install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal freely.


Awarded by CAPITAL WEEKLY as "Outstanding Internet Solution Provider"
It is the 5th consecutive year of CommuniLink to be awarded by CAPITAL WEEKLY as the winner of "Outstanding Internet Solution Provider". This award fully shows the agreement of our customers to our services. We will keep working on providing the best internet service for customers.

Praised by HKCSS as Caring Company
CommuniLink was praised by Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) as Caring Company to commend our continuous excellent performance on being a responsible company. CommuniLink keep sponsoring different non-profit organizations by providing them free web hosting service. In addition, we also encourage our staffs participate at activates of public welfare.

Awarded by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) as "The Best Cooperation Partner"
CommuniLink was awarded by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) as 2012 The Best Cooperation Partner (Bronze Award). This represents CommuniLink is one the companies that register most domains in Hong Kong. It is all depends on all customers' support to making us perform that well.

Go Paperless, Build a Green Life
The numbers of the resources of the earth are declining; many people are doing their best to protect the earth, such as turn of electronic devices that are not in use. To go green and decrease the numbers of paper waste, postal invoice is replaced by e-invoice in CommunLink.

@Mail - Brand-New Web Mail Service
In order to meet the development of new technologies and the needs of you, Communilink introduce a new web mail service - @Mail! It has a user-friendly interface for you to manage your email anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Drive Service
cDrive service - a multi-function system that allows you to manage your files online which is developed by CommuniLink. Users can upload and download files anytime without any installation of software or APP. The web control panel is user-friendly in which you can share your files, send huge files, and add additional user accounts. In addition, there is no worry on data loss because CommuniLink provide a mighty Cloud platform with highly secured environment and group of server.


Awarded by CAPITAL WEEKLY as "Outstanding Internet
Solution Provider"

It is the 4th consecutive year of CommuniLink to be awarded by CAPITAL WEEKLY as the winner of "Outstanding Internet Solution Provider". We will keep working on providing the best internet service for customers.

CommuniLink has become the Winner of "The Best Web Hosting Company Award" in "e-Brand Awards 2012"
CommuniLink earned "The Best Web Hosting Company Award" in the "e-Brand Awards 2012" from the famous magazine "e-zone". We will keep developing service and products that match our customers' needs, in which we always keep our service target "Leading-edge Technology, courteous service" on our mind.

Entered to Cloud Era - Cloud Hosting Service
Cloud hosting service is a powerful integrated platform, which combine large clustered servers with advanced technologies, to support an unlimited number of large-scale expansions. CommuniLink guiding customers into the era of cloud computing, allowing customers to enjoy the most secure, stable, and most cost-effective web hosting and e-mail services.

Another powerful system - CMS Content Management System
CommuniLink understands traditional website development method is comparatively complicated, time-consuming and less efficient. Hence, we sincerely presented another powerful system - CMS Content Management System. It highly reduces the time and cost required for web design. Customers will be able to modify the web content or upload images anytime through CMS. Hence, they can customize their own website easily and efficiently. It absolutely fits the needs of the customers who require high efficiency in the fast-paced society.

Server Co-location
Server requires not only the good combinations of hardware and software, location for storage is also a key factor. To enable customers concentrate on their own business development, CommuniLink provides highly secured and well-equipped data center, where customers are definitely confident to place their server and related facilities.


Launched the powerful VPS (virtual private server)
By dividing large-scale server into VPS with the adoption of professional network technology, customers can setup any legal operating system by themselves anytime; it is guaranteed that VPS provides dedicated RAM and hard disk storage to make sure the website operates in a fast and stable environment. With economical and professional VPS, customers can have their own independent website environment.

"CAPITAL WEEKLY Outstanding Internet Solution Provider Awards"
It is the honor of CommuniLink to become the winner of "Outstanding Internet Solution Provider", which is the 3rd consecutive year to be awarded by CAPITAL WEEKLY. CommuniLink will strive for excellent and keep providing the best internet service quality.

Meet the market needs - Upgrade to Global SMTP
Global SMTP Service Provide multiple port SMTP service (Port 25, 465, 587, 2620), which enables users to send emails worldwide from any computer or smart phone anytime anywhere. To ensure the security of emails, all mail traffic will be encrypted. Users do not have to worry about any disclosure of email content.

Significantly enhance the bandwidth of network services
In order to ensure our customers can enjoy high-speed and stable connection, regardless of the cost investment, CommuniLink dramatically improving network quality. We now has more than 2000MB local and overseas dedicated bandwidth and run a dual fiber-optic network to enhance network stability and to act as a reserve network.

Launched a Brand-new Online Customer Service Centre
CommuniLink always aims to provide excellent and innovative service. To enable our precious customers to enjoy our all-round services easily, our brand-new Customer Service Centre (CS Center) Control Panel is launched. Our clients shall flexibly manage CommuniLink' s service.

Partnered with Senior E-commerce Enterprise PayPal to improve our service
In order to allow our customers can enjoy a more complete e-commerce service, CommuniLink joined the PayPal Partner Program to provide a better online payment platform for them.


Database Hosting
In order to meet the different development needs of the network users, our customers can enjoy the MySQL database hosting service at an affordable price. It can functions with different programs to magnify the application of database in different levels.

The Third Generation of Online Shops (Flagship Online Shop V3.2)
The third generation of online shops is introduced in 2010. Design Styles are richer and more suitable for the customers who have many different kind of products or information. Our online shops clients can set their homepage as their needs' and thus it is more easily for their customers to browse for more information on their webpage.

Significant expansion of the Mainland Branch
In order to co-operate with the Mainland business development, CommuniLink employed a great number of professionals to set up excellent working team and hence moved to a larger commercial office. This aims to provide better service for our clients in China.


Company Trip
CommuniLink held a company trip to Bali, Indonesia to celebrate the tenth year anniversary to reward a group of loyal and hard-working colleagues.

A new version of WCP enhanced to provide better services
The new version of Web Control Panel (WCP5) has changed into a brand-new appearance, which provides you an user friendly interface, helping you to manage your domain service in a more effective way. WCP 5 also includes a new function, it will display the link frequently used on the home page, let users obtain the required information and services online more directly, easily and faster.

"CAPITAL and CAPITAL WEEKLY Outstanding Strategic Performance Awards" and "PC3-Golden Computer Arcade Platinum Brand Election 2008"
CommuniLink has won the honor of "Capital X Capital Weekly Outstanding Strategic Performance Awards" and the "Platinum Brand for readers in 2008" from the popular PC magazine, PC3. We will ensure to strive for providing the best quality services and sustainable improvements to requite your on-going supports from time to time.

Brand-New Service CommuniLink always stays close to the market trends and your needs. CommuniLink provide you the most cost-effective program for our valued customers to create your own e-mail system - VIP Email Package, to match up your flexible business development. Also, as blog become a common activity in internet, CommuniLink provides the blog hosting services to our valued customers, helping you to develop your blog easily, enables you to publish you feelings and messages in the easiest way.


Spam Controller V1.5
In order to further strengthen spam control, CommuniLink added the Bayesian system in the junk mails' control panel for more accurate spam filtering. Bayesian system (Bayes) plays the role of calculating and filtering process in Spam Controller; and increases scanning accuracy through emails traffic and "auto-learning".

Branch Office in Mainland

CommuniLink set up a branch office in Shenzhen, China. In addition, we invested a great number of resources on servers and data center in order to boost the network development between Hong Kong and China.

Business Expansion - Office Relocation

Due to business development, CommuniLink moved from New Tech Plaza Room 2620 to Midas Plaza Units 701-702, an area three times bigger then before. We have a 20-people conference room and offer free talks and tutorials for our clients which allow them to have a better understanding of our services.


First Web Hosting Company's Fiber-Optic Network Straight to HKIX
As a member of HKIX (Hong Kong Internet eXchange), CommuniLink is the first web hosting company having a dedicated local bandwidth over 1000 MB (Gigabit Ethernet) of fiber optics network straight into HKIX providing an exclusive and local high-speed bandwidth.

The Third Generation of Online Shops (Online Shop V3.0 and V3.1)

Functions are more comprehensive and elaborated such as ordering system and membership system. With sophisticated technology, CommuniLink develops and opens more markets for different users.

Spam Controller
Spam issue is almost at the peak nowadays. To overcome, new anti-spam systems don't need to rely on regular manual updates; this new technology is called "auto-learning server". Through continuous testing and trials, this innovative scanning feature is over 90% accurate!

Smart Email System
The idea of this system is to break the email obstacles between Mainland and overseas. CommuniLink has now solved the intranet instability problem occured in Mainland: the use of compression, a connection that connects directly to China Netcom and China Telecom, and encrypted transmission technology.

EasyEshop is one of CommuniLink's brand names; it mainly provides one-stop online marketing service. Our professional advisers are eager to analyze every aspect, from selection and design of online shops to online market assessment. This aims to provide tailored-made advices to anyone who is interested to join the online marketing industry.

2006 Became a Yahoo Hong Kong partner
We officially became an authorized agent of Yahoo Search Marketing in Hong Kong, providing customers with cost-effective website promotion services.

Collaboration with 2the MAX - Free Technical Support and Email Enquiry Service
We constantly strive for special offers to thank our customers after many years of support. This is an exclusive partnership with 2the Max: together we provide professional advice and support to solve end-users' computer problems. This aims to ensure that both users' computer network and hardware and software installation are perfectly correlated!

Users usually rely on email-type files sharing, in which the file size limitations are subject to the email system. BDrive's technology allows files to be saved in personal online space without any software installation. This is the most effective, efficient and convenient means of files transfer.

The Second Generation of Online Shops (Online Shop V2.0)

An improved online stores platform: extra functions have been added in Online Shop V2.0 including supporting more online payment gateways.


The First Generation of Online Shops (Online Shop V1.0)
The idea of online stores is to promote a one-stop online shopping to all potential buyers. Moreover, this concept has greatly helped online store owners to save programming costs and step into a low-cost online market!

The Introduction of Fax-to-Email
Receiving faxes through emails to ensure a speedy and secure delivery method while it is more convenient to store the faxes, a genuine communication-free tool.


Anti-spam system
Spam mails issue had been increasingly serious. With the launch of our Anti-Spam service, about 90% of junk mails were filtered out; in return, we gained a good reputation from our users. At the same time, we were honored to receive TVB's invitation to analyze the impact of spam mails and the various features of Anti-Spam System on "News Magazine" broadcast.


First to Launch Port 2620 SMTP
Users are no longer restricted by certain ISP on their outgoing server, thus emails can be sent out without any obstruction.

First to Launch Catch SMTP
Employer can fully monitor employees' all incoming and outgoing emails.


Business Expansion
Moved from New Tech Plaza Room 1311 to Room 2620, total area became two times bigger than before.


Founder of Web Control Panel (WCP)
Through WCP, users instantly modify website's settings. Now, WCP is already in its forth generation; it is sophisticated but user-friendly.

Launched First Free Email Virus Filtering System
No necessity to install anti-virus software on personal computers, users can still prevent virus attacks.


Communilink Internet Limited

is a licensed Internet service provider (SBO license:1218) in Hong Kong. We provide professional and extensive service, including web hosting, enterprise e-mail service, dedicated server out-renting, web design, programming, online shop service, fax to email service etc. r
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