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Service Advantages Of Dedicated Server Service
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Dedicated Server service is suitable for high usage, high demand of bandwidth and well developed website, or for the users who request for high security or for the websites which contain special requirements. Since the whole server will be dedicated for only one customer, the performance and the flexibility of server will be increased and hence your website and email services will be more stable and secured.

In order to provide you the best service, CommuniLink provides you a high quality in hardware, system maintenance and technical support. After joining the dedicated server service, you could save the cost in purchasing a server hardware, setup and maintenance of the server system, assisting you to have better resource allocation in capital and human resources.

Dedicated Server Service

CommuniLink Service Advantage

Communilink provides services of high quality standard, with comparatively much greater advantages and benefits as you can see
-CommuniLink has comparative advantages
  over other web hosting companies
Hosting Company In General
Share the local bandwidth with other hosting companies in general which in the same data-center.
Dedicated Local Bandwidth:Exclusive local bandwidth with an ultra high speed of 1000MB, which drives straight in Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX)
Oversea Bandwidth
Oversea bandwidth are shared with data centre, This may cause the traffic jam in peak hours, leading to slow connection and fail to connect your website or email
Dedicated Oversea Bandwidth:Dedicated oversea bandwidth straightly links to two different oversea bandwidth suppliers and provide you 200% high steady and stable services
Bandwidth Management
As hosting companies do not have the right to control the bandwidth allocation, they could not guarantee to provide a stable, high quality service to customer.
Flexible Control For Bandwidth:CommuniLink provides dedicated bandwidth to customer on requested; provides you a stable network even in the peak hours
Post sale service
Service does not include the maintenance of server and hardware. Only provides you issues. 
Professional Technical Support:CommuniLink does not only provide you with the data centre environment, power and security, we also provide you a professional technical support when you faced any difficulties in server issues.

-CommuniLink has comparative advantages
  over other data centres
Data Centre
Normally, data centres only provide full rack or half rack rental service. And the minimum service charge is around several thousands per month
Flexible service plan:
Tailor Made Plans will be provided to customers in request. CommuniLink provides server rental and server colocation service, with only service fee HK$ 650 up
Post sale service
Does not provide server and hardware maintenance. Customers need to be responsible for their own.
Professional Technical Support:
In addition to protect our customers’ hardware maintenance, we also provide the installation of any application services if necessary.
Raised Flooring, FM200 Fire Suppression System, Uninterruptible Power System, Force Filtered Cooling, the large scale routers and firewalls (shared by other hosting companies).
Dedicated Facility:
Raised Flooring, FM200 Fire Suppression System, Uninterruptible Power System, Force Filtered Cooling, the large scale routers and firewalls (reserved sorely for Communilink).